Learn Modern R

  • Reduce time spent writing code
  • Supercharge your workflow with packages such as dplyr, tidyr, purrr, ggplot2, PKPDmisc and mrgsolve
  • Write robust functions to minimize duplication
  • Learn best practices in project design and management
  • Create automated and reproducible reports with Rmarkdown
  • Apply the concepts and techniques learned to real-world examples!

Targeted Course Material

Specifically designed to address pharmacometric projects

Hands-on examples

Helps reinforce the course material with numerous examples

Solve Real-world problems

Larger scale hands-on projects emulate real world problems and provide templates for future projects

Example Material

Frequently Asked Questions

How much prior R experience should I have?

Attendees should have completed at least one project using R. At a minimum, they should be able to read in data, and perform basic data manipulations (eg summarize data, subset out a sub-group).

What comes with the workshop?

All attendees will be provided with in-depth slides, codes, practice problems, and solutions to hands on material. Two weeks prior to the workshop, all attendees will be provided with a 'starter pack' of pre-request material to make sure to have a suitable baseline

What is the workshop teaching style?

We have found that a combination of short modular examples to introduce topics and larger scale hands-on examples best balance quick comprehension as well as how to apply concepts to more advanced situations

What can I do to prepare?

Two weeks before the workshop, a list of basic resources will be provided to refresh attendee's foundation. Additional optional resources will be provided to help attendees help identify areas they may wish to as questions or discuss in more depth.

More questions?

Get in touch!

Meet the team!

Dr. Devin Pastoor is the Founder and CEO of Sciometrx and Dr. Vijay Ivaturi is an assistant professor at the Center for Translational Medicine in the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

Dr. Pastoor has worked for the past 7 years interfacing insights gained from translational models with tools to speed up the modeling and data analysis process. He has authored over 12 R packages and continues to develop new tools to facilitate model-based drug development.

Dr. Ivaturi's research focuses on the development of methods and tools for quantitative clinical pharmacology. He obtained his doctorate in experimental and clinical pharmacology from the University of Minnesota, which he followed with a post-doctoral fellowship in pharmacometrics at Uppsala University in Sweden before joining the CTM

Devin Pastoor

Lead Instructor

Vijay Ivaturi

Lead Instructor

What do people think?

The Pharmetheus team was excited to welcome Vijay and Devin, and was happy with the learnings received during their stay. The material covered was wide, reflecting the diversity of options e.g. the tidyverse series offer, and adapted to our rather advanced level and needs. The setup was such that our consultants could perform hands-ons as well as follow live demos, which enabled exploration of many things as questions came along, but also precluded slides to be distributed. The latter was the only missing part for some members when asked for course feedback, however a majority of the participants also felt the course added great value to their daily work. Overall a real pleasure!
This was truly an inspiring and well thought through course. The speed and level of the course was just about right for me. I see myself as an advanced user when it comes to programming in general but perhaps an intermediate user in R and hence the course was well suited in showing me advanced and useful programming specifics in R. The course covered a wide range of material; from useful functions and tricks in base R to recent released R-packages and visualization using e.g. shiny apps. I really enjoyed the totality of the course. - Joakim Nyberg
The course was well organized and conducted, and both Vijay and Devin did a great job. Specifically, it was easy for us to follow presentation and the hands-on session. Personally, I liked sessions with “data manipulation with dplyr” and “function writing” which I think will definitely impact the way I write codes for analyses. I would add more time for hands-on session based on the requirement of the trainees. - Gaurav Bajaj (BMS Training)
What used to take twenty lines of code I learned how to do in two - and it runs faster!
The examples were highly relevant and I was able to immediately apply what I've learned to my day-to-day work.
The topics were easily understable and extremely well presented. I feel so much more productive now!

Page Meeting - Shiny

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Page Meeting - Tidyverse for Pharmacometrics

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  • All course code
  • Supplementary R-Foundations material
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  • Preparatory Video Lectures and Reading Material
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